Program noch in der Entwicklung.

Bio, dynamic Farming and Food; lessons to learn!

This is where we start and where we finish. You are welcome to participate; to say: ‘yes, we are the Earth! The TCF knowledge and experience will support you. No innovation, but an evolutionary development on a personnel level: back to fundamentals.

If you want to connect with nature and to build a more dynamic, organic agriculture, food, health and business. Here we are; for that purpose we established our Training Center in Schwalefeld, Sauerland, the region of the walking trail ‘the way of the senses’.

Meet specialists, farmers, consumers, storekeepers, officials and students at The TCF Training Center. Our ultimate goal, together with you, is sharing and coming together.

TCF partners developed different presentation, workshops and training modules each 1,5 hour: a flexible system and a custom‘s choice. Also a one day course based on four modules.

Your teachers/trainers are Aldo van Os, practical knowledge; sensitive attitude; build in 25 years a successful organic greenhouse; now worldwide consultant. Mark Velders, agricultural engineer; simplifies complexity; passion; sustainable projects all over the world.

Strong partnership. They will guarantee fruitful sessions and will support you to go for your own next step!
TCF training modules / presentations.


“I am the Earth”

TCF Module 1: Organic, dynamic agriculture, a bigger vision on worldwide status and its impact on climate, health, soil science, food and mankind. Special: what dead zones tell us.

TCF Module 2: Transforming traditional cultivation into organic, dynamic.Twenty five years of experience in how to develop a succesfull bio – business. Special: how to get started a (greenhouse) development from scratch.

TCF Module 3: how to work with basic-scenarios. A contemporary approach to prevent from stress for people and plants. No more running and overreactions. Special: to search for early warnings and adjust in time

TCF Module 4: to transform our attitude from pest control (too late/too rigoreus) into effective intervention (in time/step by step). Special: reading the plant; what about viruses and what bio-protection can do for you.

TCF Module 5: A full plate, but we still are hungry. It is not about minerals and vitamins, the essence is vitality, and the forces of life.  We offer you independent knowledge about food in order to embrace a healthy way of life.

TCF Module 6: Soil, oxygen and bio-compost. A practical manual for developping and using bio-compost.